Taking Care of a Stroke Victim

Care for Stroke Victims

An individual who has a stroke often has permanent brain damage. The brain damage is caused by lack of blood flow inside the brain. Physicians treat blood clots in the brain with medication and surgery. While in the hospital, a patient will receive assistance from registered nurses. Stroke victims may experience weakness on one side of the body after emergency treatment. A stroke may affect vision, speech and movement of limbs. A patient may be unable to stand or walk. Individuals may also experience mental confusion. Patients can become angry, embarrassed or depressed after they experience a stroke.


Patients may begin recovery in a rehabilitation center or assisted living facility. They will receive physical therapy to relearn various tasks. Caregivers must carefully communicate to a stroke victim. Alternative methods of communication such as hand gestures or writing may be easier for a patient to understand. Resuming everyday activities assists in healing the brain of stroke victims while building new neural connections. Patients also must learn new ways of accomplishing self-care tasks. Family members may also care for a stroke victim at home. Assistance from home health experts can be helpful for patients and family members.

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